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Would you prefer to provide your information via the online questionnaire or have a Morgenstern Insurance agent contact you directly?

Personal Lines Questionnaire

Please fill out all fields. Ensuring the privacy and security of your data is a top priority for us. The information you submit will only be used to provide you with an an accurate analysis and quote of your insurance needs.



Is the primary insured same as above?
Are there additional people in the household?
Are there any children in the household?


Are you purchasing a new home?
Is the address the same as your mailing address?
Do you have a sump pump?
Do you have central air?
Do you have any fireplaces?
Do you have a pool?
Is it fenced with a locking gate?
Is there a diving board or slide?
Are there any detached structures on the property?
Do you operate a business out of your home?
Is flood insurance required?
Check all that apply:
Have any of these items been updated in the last 20 years?
Are there additional properties you would like us to quote? (We will reach out for additional information.)


Do you have any valuable items you would like additional coverage for (e.g., jewelry, watches, wine, bourbon, art)?


Vehicle 1 - Lease or Own?
Vehicle 2 - Lease or Own?
Vehicle 3 - Lease or Own?
Do you currently have additional insurance policies?
Do you own a business?
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Thank you for submitting the questionnaire! We will be in touch soon!
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